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"My clients are all pretty special to me. You know, when they’re in the chair, they’re all my favorite clients."


Reginald March puts every hour of his day on a schedule, from breakfast to dinner and everything in between. “As a young entrepreneur, I have so many balls in the air that I have to schedule everything.” March owns The HairLounge, a multicultural salon based in the city’s bustling Chelsea neighborhood, and when he isn’t at the salon he’s working on set as a freelance hair stylist for photo shoots and advertisements. March often works with an upscale clientele, but no matter who is in his chair, they’ll always get the same individualized treatment.


March moved to New York City ten years ago and searched the city high and low for a salon that offered excellent customer service and great style and hair care. Unable to find one, he created his own, opening The HairLounge in 2011. Members are invited to enjoy a glass of wine, music, and conversation while getting personalized styling in the chic and comfortable space.


The biggest challenge for March, and many salon owners, is being able to attract and retain employees. Hair stylists typically dream of opening their own salon and making a name for themselves in the industry. The secret to March’s success has been “investing in [employees], business wise, financially, personally, making sure that they’re growing. It makes them feel safe and at home.”


It’s all part of what March views as his unique role in the community. Beyond sharing his hairstyling expertise with staff and members, he offers seminars on subjects like nutrition and tips for first-time home buying. He volunteers with youth centers and the LGBT community, and The HairLounge often participates in the city’s Aids Walk. For him, it’s all part of growing the brand, the salon, and himself. By creating a name for himself in the industry, he can also build buzz for the salon, and potentially start his own line of products.


“I think maybe about six months ago, I realized…ok, this place is moving. They were crawling, but it’s more than crawling, it’s walking now, and that makes me happy.”



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